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26 February 2024

Why HRi Accreditation Matters: Advancing your path in HR and People

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Independent HR and People practitioners play a pivotal role in creating exceptional workplaces for organisations, particularly SMEs.

Attracting, recruiting, rewarding and retaining talent can be challenging for most organisations. Working with an accredited Independent HR and People professional ensures businesses are working with individuals who have the skills, knowledge and expertise to deliver great value to their business.

Becoming an HR and People consultant is open to all, leading to a diverse pool of well-meaning practitioners. However, misinformation and misguidance can inadvertently harm both businesses and the profession. This is where HRi Accreditation steps in, navigating these nuances with a commitment to championing and upholding standards for the independent HR and People sector, and thereby providing peace of mind for businesses.


Why HRi Accreditation Matters?

The HRi Accreditation programme is specifically designed with HR and People consultants in mind considering the dynamic blend of being an expert and steering the intricate world of being a business owner. Its primary goal is to not only set and maintain high standards for practitioners in the independent sector but also to recognise and applaud your dedication to excellence and continued professional development.

The cost of getting it wrong

When HR and People professionals get it wrong, it does not only give the profession bad PR and reputational damage to the businesses they support but it can be very costly. It can cause a great deal of emotional distress to clients and their employees. When businesses engage with HR and people consultants with the right skills, expertise, knowledge and a success or growth mindset, the benefits go beyond ticking boxes and compliance. They empower their clients to become great employers with great working environments where their people are happy, productive and valued.

HRi Accreditation exists to recognise and acknowledge your dedication to upholding standards while offering businesses peace of mind. But it does not end there. HRi accreditation also encourages you to build and run or maintain a sustainable and well structured practice. It’s not just about having letters after your name; it’s also about the doors they open, the recognition they bring, and the confidence they instil.

The Accreditation is built on the HRi Professional Standards, which recognise your pursuit of the highest standards across four core pillars:

  • suitability
  • structure and running of practice
  • information and data management and
  • project, information systems and case management.


How you can benefit from HRi Accreditation

Credibility and Trust

Trust is the foundation of any successful business relationship and earning HRi Accreditation demonstrates your dedication to upholding high industry standards. This shows clients that they can rely on your expertise for their HR and People needs. By achieving accreditation you also gain the benefit of using the appropriate credentials after your name. Your accreditation badge becomes an invaluable marketing asset and can be displayed on your marketing materials and website. Using your credentials is another way of showing your credibility to your clients. It’s a great conversation to have.

Professional Standing

By becoming HRi Accredited, you set yourself apart as a leading HR and People professional whose management knowledge and expertise has been independently verified by a professional body, thus gaining a competitive edge in your field.

Client Assurance

With HRi Accreditation, you can assure clients and potential clients of your ongoing commitment to a higher quality of service and continuous professional development. This ensures that you are at the top of your game in knowledge and expertise.


As an HRi Accredited member with a complete profile, you gain the exclusive privilege of being featured in the HRi Accredited Consultants Directory. The directory is a platform where your expertise and services can shine, making it easier for businesses to discover you and connect with the very best independent HR and People consultants. By being in the directory, you not only enhance your visibility but also become a trusted resource for businesses in search of HR and People solutions.

Professional Development

HRi encourages continuous professional development, keeping practitioners like you abreast of industry trends and best practices. The four pillars of the accreditation standards ensures that you are not focussing only on your technical expertise but also continuously developing your business acumen. HRi provides opportunities for development in all four areas.


HRi Accreditation Eligibility and Criteria

The HRi Accreditation caters not only to HR and People consultants but also to supporting roles. With four levels Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum – it recognises qualifications and experience. Each level is designed to acknowledge and recognise varying degrees of expertise and business management.

HRi Bronze Accreditation (ABHRi)

For professionals engaged in roles related to HR administration or business administration with a relevant field or specialism. We recognise qualifications at Level 3 or equivalent professional experience as evidence of your commitment to excellence. Bronze accreditation is designed for those who work competently at an operational and transactional level, effectively supporting HR or People professionals and small business owners with day-to-day HR or business administration challenges and caseloads.

Typical roles for Bronze Accreditation include:

  • HR Administrators
  • HR Assistants
  • Virtual Assistants, and
  • Business Administrators.

Additionally, your business should be established and managed with a professional approach.


HRi Silver Accreditation (ASHRi)

For HR, People, or business professionals with a relevant field or specialism. You hold a Level 5 qualification or equivalent professional experience. Your work should involve effectively handling day-to-day HR or business administration challenges and caseloads at an operational and transactional level. Silver Accreditation also requires you to showcase evidence of your contributions to more complex casework or projects, as well as your ability to engage in business planning and display strategic thinking.

Typical roles for Silver Accreditation include: HR Managers, HR Advisors, Senior HR Advisors, Coaches, Mentors, or newly qualified or appointed HR or People professionals embarking on their consultancy business journey as independent Consultants or Associate Consultants.


HRi Gold Accreditation (AGHRi)

For HR, People, or business professionals with a relevant field or specialism. You hold a Level 7 qualification or equivalent professional experience. Your work should encompass both operational and strategic aspects. This includes experience in collaborating with business leaders:

  • to review data and metrics
  • implementing people and business initiatives, and
  • resolving day-to-day and complex HR and people issues.

You should also have a deep understanding of the importance of aligning business goals and objectives with people management and development strategies to make informed decisions. Your business has a robust business plan and adheres to firm principles of financial and risk management in all its business operations.

Typical roles for Gold Accreditation include Senior HR Managers, Heads of HR, HR Directors, Assistant Directors, Deputy Directors, or independent professionals serving as standalone consultants, interim consultants, or Executive Coaches.


HRi Platinum Accreditation (APHRi)

Recognising strategic excellence in independent HR and People professionals.

For HR or People professionals with a relevant field or specialism. You hold a Level 7 qualification or equivalent professional experience. Your expertise should extend beyond the norm, encompassing:

  • strategic contributions to inform operational delivery
  • leading change management initiatives, and
  • providing expert knowledge and guidance.

You excel in offering innovative solutions to challenging and complex HR and People issues, as well as facilitating the growth and development of individuals and teams.

Typically, Platinum Accreditation is reserved for independent, commercially-focused HR or People Consultants who operate well-structured consultancy businesses. These businesses uphold firm principles of financial and risk management across all its operations.


What is the Accreditation Process?

To become accredited, you will need to apply and submit the required evidence in support of your application. You can complete the application process in one go or in stages.

Some members may need support with the accreditation process. HRi offers support to our members who would like it. There are available resources to our members in the template library for members to use in preparation for the accreditation and to meet the eligibility criteria.

There are currently two membership plans to pick from that best suit your current and future business needs and budget. Follow these two simple steps to become accredited.

1. Choose Your HRi Membership and payment plan
2. Apply for Accreditation

HRi Accreditation is not just a badge; it’s about standing out from the crowd, building trust, and becoming a guiding light of excellence in the independent HR and People consultancy space. Shape the future of independent HR and People consultancy with confidence, credibility, and a commitment to ongoing excellence. Join HRi and apply for HRi Accreditation.

Following the retirement of our existing independent HR advisor, we were drawn to the HRi website in our search for a skilled and reliable professional that we could turn to for specialist advice.Iain Link | Director, T.F. Tull Ltd


Author: Mary Asante | HRi