HRi Accreditation Standards

Anyone can set themselves up as an HR consultant. They don’t need the right qualifications or any kind of certification. This means there are well-meaning practitioners out there, often giving incorrect advice, which is very damaging to both businesses and the wider profession.

All HRi members commit to following our accreditation standards.

HRi accreditation standards go beyond HR knowledge and expertise, we also assess the set-up and running of the practice to ensure best practices are adopted and maintained.

HRi standards have four pillars:


All Accredited HR Independent Practitioners (APHRi) must demonstrate appropriate standards of suitability and professionalism in all their practices, meeting the required levels of qualifications (or Qualified by Experience, QBE), experience and competency, with a commitment to continuous development. To protect the interests of clients and individual practices, all APHRi must strictly adhere to, and be able to demonstrate adherence to the HRi Code of Professional Conduct.


Structure and Running of Practice

APHRi must ensure their Consultancy practice is properly set up and run professionally and ethically to ensure that clients, associates and other professionals have an exemplary experience when working with them. To protect the interests of both clients and the individual practice, APHRi must adhere to firm principles of financial and risk management in all their business operations. APHRi must demonstrate strong internal controls and governance, as well as adherence to financial and risk management best practice as per the HRi Structure and Running Practice Standards.


Information and Data Management

All APHRi and HRP must take the necessary steps to ensure that information and data entrusted to them and their practices are protected at all times. This includes all electronic data and hard copies. APHRi must follow best practice and comply with all legal requirements in relation to information and data protection. APHRi must demonstrate compliance with the HRi Information and Data Management Standards.


Project, Record and Case Management

All APHRi must adhere to best practice standards of project, record and case management procedures to ensure client work is documented, reviewed and managed appropriately, in line with the HRi Information and Data Management Standards. Appropriate systems and procedures must be utilised to ensure the highest level of service and delivery is provided to clients on time and within an agreed budget, fee or retainer.


HRi Accreditation Levels

Level 3 or equivalent or a minimum of 3 years in HR business administrative support roles

Level 5 or equivalent or a minimum of 5 years experience as an HR or People Professional

Level 7 or equivalent or a minimum of 6 years as Senior HR Manager, Head of HR, HR Director, Assistant Director or Deputy Director

Level 7 or equivalent and a minimum of 10 years of professional experience


HRi Accreditation Standards Infographic