Mission statement and Values

HRi is the UK body for independent HR and People Professionals.

We are a membership organisation setting and driving standards and providing support, development and a voice for external HR consultancy businesses.

Our mission is to promote independent HR and People Professionals within the UK and lobby for change to enable the remit, profile and growth of external HR services.

Our Values are also key and for us it’s all about the 6 F’s!

We relate to each and every one and they shape everything we do

•Fitness & health – becomes a priority & not a bit on the side

•Family – it always comes first & all our HRi members are also part of ours!

•Flexibility – to work with whoever you choose; whenever you want

•Fun – lots of it, with clients and HRi colleagues and members – WORK IS FUN 🙂

•Financial – the Indie secret; you can earn whatever you need

Fabulous – YOU ARE! We have so many amazing & inspirational HRi members