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5 January 2022

HR consultancy to boom in 2022- HRi contribution to HR Magazine

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Posted by: Mary Asante

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of HR to many businesses.[…] Organisations needed to connect with their employees on a level which was unprecedented. […] Both external and internal HR have been crucial to supporting organisational leaders and their employees through this. Bluntly, HR rose to the challenge and added real value to organisations.

Mary Asante, director at HRi, discusses HRi’s Big HR Independents Fee Survey Report , a first of its kind survey in the latest HR Magazine report.

Businesses are more aware than ever of the need for solid HR support, according to Mary, and companies will continue to recognise the need for a strong HR programme led by experienced and qualified HR professionals.


Read the full HR Magazine article here.

See the full Fee Survey Report here– a must read for all HR consultants to gain insights into HR consultancy fees and boost your confidence in your pricing.