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Brexit and Immigration – Freeths

HRi are delighted to be joined by our legal partner, Freeths LLP for an update on immigration law in the light of Brexit. About this Event With the clock ticking towards the deadline for the EU Settlement Scheme, Emma Brooksbank...

Referencing and Background Checks – Verifile

Via Zoom

How can you as an Indie ensure that your clients run the required background checks and referencing to confirm that new hires are who they say they are? Verifile, our partner will be running an interactive session on how you...

Incorporating Payroll into your HR Consultancy

Via Zoom

About the presenter/business: Katie Sharpe – Head of UK Payroll Katie is Head of UK Payroll for Mazars leading our national teams. Katie has a degree in payroll management and in 2019 was elected as a Board Director for the...

Masterclass on Health and Safety for HR Consultancy Businesses

Via Zoom

Health and Safety is often a separate discipline yet there are many crossovers with HR.  When you provide HR consultancy services, your clients will seek your advice across a range of areas.  Getting H&S wrong is a serious matter for...

From HR Independent to Financial Independence

Via Zoom

From HR Independent to Financial Independence: Understanding more about your personal money and financial plans. Session hosted by Charlie Goodman. About this event You’re working hard to build a successful HR business, but when was the last time you looked...

Intellectual Property – Freeths

Via Zoom

IP for HR professionals About this Event HR Independents are delighted to be joined by our legal partner, Freeths LLP where they will be taking us through the essentials of intellectual property law for HR indies, including: · Back to...

Productising your HR offering

Via Zoom

If you’re making a living as a HR consultant or freelancer, and you’re trapped in the cycle of trading your hours for £’s, you may have already begun to wonder, “Is this it?… Can my consulting ever scale without me...

Building your Sales Pipeline for HR Consultants

Via Zoom

About this event Duncan Battishill, has specialised for 15 years in working with small and medium sized organisations. His reputation for coaching technical experts to grow their own businesses has lead to him being a regular Panel member on numerous...

Shareholder Agreements- Freeths

Via Zoom

We are delighted to be joined by our legal partners, Freeths on 15 July where they will take us through the essentials of shareholders agreements, including: What is a shareholders’ agreement? Why have one? What does it typically cover? Common...


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