Maysante Consultancy

Mary Asante
Chief Executive

Making a real difference to our clients through our executive coaching, leadership training and development and other services is the key purpose of why Maysante exists. We get a real buzz out of seeing the progress clients make when we work with them. The joy, relief and excitement from having breakthroughs and light bulb moments. Helping clients to find their confidence and to arrive at the best decisions for themselves and their businesses. Our big why, our goal, is to see our clients achieve their goals and purpose.

Mary has specialist expertise in coaching, HR and strategic management and Information & Cyber Security with start-ups, SMEs and technology companies. We take a very agile approach to working with clients to ensure we help them meet their business needs.

My approach to executive coaching is solution-based. I focus on results, actions and accountability. To give you the best coaching experience, I use assessment tools, action plans and information we gather during your session. We will then create an action plan at the end of each session, setting the tone for the next session. I’m direct and by using open-ended questioning and actively listening to you, collectively we can get to the bottom of issues. By holding you accountable, you can find a way forward and progress.

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