Mast People Support

Kate Marston

Mast People Support was founded by Kate Marston, a former Detective Sergeant from the Metropolitan Police who went onto lead an investigations function at a FTSE 100 luxury brand. She is CIPD accredited and in a fairly unique position when it comes to the support she can offer to organisations. With a broad wealth of experience in law enforcement, corporate, retail, manufacturing, supply chain and construction environments.

Experts in both criminal and misconduct investigations, Mast People Support help organisations reduce key risks associated with investigations, be it for disciplinary grievance or criminal matters. The key risks being financial losses, reputational damage, litigation and negative impacts on employee morale and productivity.

Kate passionately believes that speaking to people is an art and can drastically change how a situation plays out. One of Mast People’s Supports values is “Keep it simple”.
Workplace situations which fill most people with dread and cause panic and confusion are where Mast People Support can really make a difference.

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