Humber HR People (Yorkshire) Limited

Kate Photo Feb 2020
Kate van der Sluis
Joint Managing Director

The vision for Humber HR People is about creating a new type of HR for the Humber region.
We believe HR is a critical business tool that should be used to enable not restrict, people are the route to your business success and there is nothing more we love than unlocking that potential.
We provide HR and Talent support across Yorkshire, Humber, and the North of the UK with a particular focus on engineering, tech and renewables sectors. Whether you are an SME to larger scale enterprise looking for extra support -we can help.

If you are looking for a HR solution, regardless of how big or small the issue may be, we can help.

You can access flexible Pay as You Go, or a regular monthly, cost-effective HR service, tailor-made to your specific requirements and delivered in person, building relationships with you on the ground.

We also offer an On-Demand HR and Talent support service, these are our most popular packages and include unlimited remote support from a team of both HR and talent specialists. Most suited to businesses from start-up to 80 employees, you can tap into advice and support to minimise risk and proactively manage your people, from a team with over 60 years’ experience.

With over 70 years of combined experience working in HR and Talent Management and a positive pragmatic approach, you can be sure we will guide your business in the right direction.

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