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Nicole James

Employee commitment is critical to business success – research has shown time and again that it increases productivity and profitability. Having the right people management practices in place increases employee commitment and is linked to increased growth of 15%.

However, SME Business Leaders report feeling frustrated that their people aren’t committed and some actively disengaged. This creates an energy drain, you lie awake at night wondering how you can solve this problem.

Bamboo People Solutions works closely with business owners to help them reduce the time and energy spent on people management frustrations and develop a proactive plan to improve employee commitment and performance. We support all aspects of HR including targeted interventions with problem employees, recruitment, performance, training and dismissal. We will work with you to build a people strategy that fits your business and ensure that you have the support you need with operational people activities.

At the heart of the way we work with you is understanding your business and your strategy to ensure that your people plan supports your long-term business goals. Leadership is critical to business success and we work closely with leaders through coaching and mentoring to ensure strong standards of delivery when managing people.

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