Pip Foulsham HR Ltd

Pip Foulsham
HR People Person

I’m Pip, a freelance HR People Person based near Cambridge.

I focus on working with small and medium business owners to solve people problems (employee relations), increase employee engagement and retention (culture), and generally put the pizzazz into their people plans (HR strategy)!

I’m all about helping businesses to understand that people are fundamental to how they operate and the value they get.

My clients come from a variety of sectors including charity, manufacturing, the building trade, occupational health, and retail, amongst others.

Something that makes me unique is that I spend most weekends singing in a pop and soul covers band, entertaining local crowds and having lots of fun. This is often a surprise to people when they find out as HR is seen as a ‘serious’ profession! It’s the ultimate in teamwork and has taught me a lot about needing to work together effectively to deliver a great outcome, and to rely on each other when things go wrong!


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