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Dylan Roberts

We develop strategic partnerships with FinTechs & Scaling Tech SMEs to realise their commercial potential through their people whilst at the same time enhancing their peoples’ wellbeing and value. Using our experience in HR and People Development we support Founders, CEOs and business leaders who are experiencing growing pains and people challenges.

The highest cost for any scaling SME is its people. It makes sense to make sure those people are working effectively, and they are developing their skills for what your business will need in the future. We describe people management in 3 stages – in, up & out. ppl.io offers SME leaders access to senior people managers who support them in developing effective people roadmaps to meet their client and product roadmaps.

We also offer a variety of starter packs depending on your business needs. All our packs contain the basic documents, forms and policies you will need to effectively manage your people. Our starter packs are ideal for businesses who are about to employ staff for the first time, or for those who are starting to scale with a growing number of employees.

At ppl.io we are committed to providing equal learning and opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) for every child. So we commit to using at least 15% of our profits to providing children with additional resources to support their STEM learning in schools. Working in partnership with our clients we will continue to invest in new STEM resources for those schools and children that need support the most. Together we will continue to encourage STEM learning in schools so each child can develop their own potential to be the next FinTech generation.
Reach out to us for a free consultation and we can review what a suitable people plan for your business could look like.


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