AskHRi Helpdesk

Need help with a complex HR issue or just wanting a second opinion to sense check your approach?  As an HRi member, you can think of us as the HR and People expert in your back pocket.

We know that working independently can be tough at times. As sole proprietor you are responsible for everything. At HRi we understand the role you have and the decisions you need to take. That’s why we have developed our AskHRi helpdesk service because we are here to help. We have got your back.

Our AskHRi helpdesk enables our members to obtain a second opinion, confidential advice or check what you have drafted or propose and comment at a high level.  Your query will probably relate to your professional practice but may also relate to the commercial side of your business

Membership provides you with the following:

  • Core have 18 credits per annum
  • Premium members have 24 credits per annum

We may share your query with an HRi professional partner to obtain a second option. This may be our legal partner Freeths or another expert that we have an agreement with.

AskHRi is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Members can also take advantage of holiday and sickness cover, provided at a reasonable fee, either through AskHRi, or through us sourcing a consultant to cover for you on a retained basis, enabling you to take that well earned break, and be reassured that your clients will have access to competent and expert advice in your absence.