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Unleashed – A programme of 30 days of fantastic OD content


for HR and People Professionals


‘Unleashed’ is a programme of 30 days’ worth of insights, tools, frameworks, recommended articles and resources, with nudges and prompts along the way to help people:

  • Understand how they experience and respond to change
  • Become more resilient
  • Become more conscious of our interactions & impact on others
  • Develop ways of managing expectations and boundaries positively

The content can be tailored to your client or organisations timelines so you can start when you’re ready and determine the frequency of your engagement.

Unleashed provides you with the content to be sent direct to your client’s in-boxes and offers the following benefits:

  • Prolonged benefit of bite-sized learning with nudges and reminders to embed learning and sustain impact
  • Help people develop coping skills and techniques to thrive in uncertainty
  • Show people you’re a good employer by developing and supporting them
  • Benefit from employees feeling more open, engaged and adaptive to change

Unleashed is a cost effective scale-able model that can be offered to everyone across the organisation, without reducing impact or quality of experience.

“We were the proud first users of Susan’s Unleashed Programme.
A programme of comms titled from ‘Its a Corona-Coaster, to ‘Be more Bruce’, to ‘Shift Happens’ – every day another instalment of wisdom.  It was shared company wide in a time when we were separated from each other and we needed to feel connected and supported by each other. The staff loved it and we loved it.  We shared it with our friends and our families.  I’d highly recommend it to any business and would highly recommend Susan.” 

“I enjoy the emails and look forward to them.  Great advice each time.  ‘Another Day, Another Antidote’ promoted a big conversation about songs and favourite tv shows.  ‘Are you exposing yourself?’ was very relevant as I’d spent too long the night before reading about the imminent lockdown”.

To maximise the effectiveness of this content you will need to work with your clients or organisation to tailor the content for their brand and weave in any references to their unique values and culture.

Pricing£795 plus VAT for basic framework

About Susan McRoberts – The Curated Consultancy 

With over 20 years’ experience in large corporates, Susan decided to set up  ‘The Curated Consultancy’ to provide the opportunity to work with a range of clients and ‘curate’ the best of her experience with latest thinking, external best practice and creativity to develop engaging and practical solutions that make a difference.

Whilst Susan continues to work with larger corporate organisations to develop leadership, management and change capability she now works with a number of start-up and scale-up business owners to help them create workplaces where every employee is engaged by what they do and inspired by who they work for.

Watch out for more innovative products from The Curated Consultancy.