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S’mores kit



There’s Fun in each s’mores kit… A specially created tin candle in a Fireside scent with Flump & Fudge gourmet vanilla marshmallows and unique, chocolate dipped s’mores cookies. 

Enjoy toasting your marshmallows and creating delicious s’mores over your natural soy candle and then enjoy the candle and the memories it evokes long after the s’mores are gone. Our fireside s’mores kit makes the perfect gift.

Each kit features

  • Two extra large, gourmet vanilla bean marshmallows
  • Four specially created, chocolate-dipped s’mores cookies (makes 2 s’mores)
  • Natural bamboo skewers
  • A Claremont Studio candle in “Fireside” to toast your s’mores over
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • All beautifully presented in a gift tube

Our s’mores kits have a 3 week shelf life from date of ordering.

Please refer to our allergens page for full allergen information for all of our flavours.

Please refer to the full instructions and enjoy your s’mores safely! Please ensure the items are removed from the box and placed on a heat proof surface when in use.

This is a bespoke HRi product, made by Flump & Fudge.

Please note that all orders are processed within 1 week, however if there is a longer delay, (sometimes if we have a high volume of orders this may happen), then we will let you know.

More info about Flump & Fudge:
Flump & Fudge are a small business, based in the North East of Scotland. We’ve been creating gourmet marshmallow and fudge since early 2020 when owner Keira left her corporate job to pursue her passion in confectionery. Flump & Fudge’s unique recipes and creations have connected the nation through 2020 and make the perfect treat or gift for everyone.