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HRi Indie Mug of Inspiration


Beautiful and Inspirational Mug

Available in Blue, Blush Pink, Turquoise, Lilac and Sage Green,

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We just love, love, love our HR INDIE, mug of inspiration, designed especially for HRi by The Thoughtful Potter.  We think every HR Indie home office should have one. 

Have it as it is; choose from our list of inspiring words; or be creative and come up with your own (6 letter maximum) to be stamped inside and give yourself a secret boost. Please add your word of inspiration on the payments page.

Growth , Family, Future, Create, Winner, Music , Chance, Mother, Peace, Care, Laugh, Fun, Smile, Happy, Joy, Pride, Learn, Health, Friend, Life, Love, Mighty, Focus, Intent, Relax, Chill, Energy, Goals, Calm, Thrive, Brave, Strong, Crazy, Cake, Beauty, Force, Leap, Hope, Faith, Real, Magic, Impact, Uplift, Unique, Amaze, Boss, Leader.

More info about The Thoughtful Potter:

The Thoughtful Potter is run by artisan  potter, Deborah Sparks.  Each mug is uniquely created especially for HRi in her log cabin studio in the Somerset countryside.

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