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Day HR Motivational Questionnaire


A framework of questions (that can be white labelled to your business) designed to help you identify and tap into each team member’s unique motivators so that you can help them to feel and deliver their best.

There are questions to:

  • align and engage current team members;
  • on-board new team members;
  • improve communication and engagement with remote workers;
  • establish why someone is not performing; meeting behaviour standards or is demotivated;
  • help your team navigate through times of change, ambiguity and uncertainty;
  • support those at risk of redundancy.

Each question includes follow up questions to help you re-phrase the question and probe for deeper insights. The framework includes a concise ‘how to guide’ and space to record your answers digitally or by hand.

Use this as a ‘getting to know you’ questionnaire with each team member or behind the scenes to help you prepare for challenging conversations; redundancy consultations or change leadership initiatives.

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We know that key motivating factors at work are ‘achievement’, ‘recognition’, ‘meaningful’ work, ‘responsibility’ and ‘advancement’. However, they each mean different things to different people.

Understanding each person’s unique perspective and needs; their likes and dislikes and what makes them get up each morning is key to unlocking their potential and providing a personalised employee experience that helps each person feel and deliver their best.

This tool is the culmination of 20 years plus experience of creating tools and resources to help people managers become inspirational leaders and spearheading business transformation projects.  It is also based on my personal experience as a leader of diverse multi-site and multi-functional teams.

With many employees now working from home it can be harder to engage with them and surface any hidden concerns. However, with the rise in mental health concerns and record levels of redundancies, the need for effective communication; empathy and engagement has never been so important.

This easy to use tool helps you to develop in-depth questioning skills and put these into practice immediately without the need for psychometric assessments and other costly evaluation tools.   Gain valuable insights instantly so that you can swiftly adapt your leadership style and help each team member achieve their full potential.