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Coping with Grief: A Survival Kit


Online Course

As a HR professional/business owner, we want to show a compassionate response to a grieving team member but sometimes it can be difficult to know what that support might be.

Alongside a good bereavement policy, employee engagement tells us that small gestures can go a long way in helping someone to feel valued and supported by their employer.  Gifting them this online bereavement course demonstrates that you are an organisation who truly cares about them.  Additionally, it might be a useful resource that you could signpost your employee to as part of broader support in mental health and wellbeing.

The impact of bereavement in the workplace is often underestimated as most people return to work quickly. But your employee’s world has just been shattered when they have experienced the loss of a loved one – this online course aims to support them through those very difficult first few weeks and months.

This course will help people if they:

  • have experienced the loss of a loved one and are struggling to get through each day
  • find it hard to recognise their own needs and are unable to identify how others can help them
  • feel physically and mentally drained and find it difficult to recognise themselves
  • are experiencing feelings of anxiety and unable to rest or sleep properly
  • are keeping up a brave face/coping to the outside world but inside they are crumbling
  • feel alone, misunderstood and judged by others
  • feel overwhelmed by mixed-up and fluctuating emotions and can’t see the purpose of life without their loved one in it
  • are wanting to feel understood, nurtured and supported through their grief


“This course has been an oasis in my desert!  It brings a very well designed structure that made me face and understand my grief through a deeper and liberating perspective. It’s very comforting and compassionate the way Julia talks about grief – it makes me trust her and feel her company as my process unfolds. Try it!” (Clelia Rinaldi)

“Julia helped me at a very difficult time of life when I was grieving … I felt I was almost going crazy. I really enjoyed working through her exercises, … I loved the relaxation video which helped me to release the physical tension I’d been holding. Thanks so much, Julia.” (Victoria Usher)

Introductory Price – £39.17 plus VAT


More info on Business Owner – Julia Sinclair-Brown

Julia Sinclair-Brown is a qualified counsellor, coach and trainer.  She has combined her personal and professional experience of grief to coach those who are bereaved and wanting support with finding a way forward in life again.  She has produced two online courses in her Life after Loss series, has written articles for magazines, and features monthly on Black Cat radio (a Cambridgeshire station) discussing a range of wellbeing topics.  With an earlier background in HR, she is keen to work with organisations to improve the understanding of the impact of bereavement in the workplace as part of a broader mental health and wellbeing strategy.