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Coaching + Mentoring Tools for People Managers Workshop Bundle



Provided by Alison Jones Coaching, this workshop will equip people managers with the tools and confidence to positively influence their team’s performance through coaching and mentoring.

Suitable for both independent and in-house People professionals.

This bundle provides you with everything you need to deliver an interactive and value-added 3.5 hour Coaching + Mentoring workshop, including:

– Animated slide deck (available in either Google Slides or PowerPoint)
– Training notes provided in the ‘notes’ section, so you can easily access them when facilitating the workshop
– A bank of useful external resources, to aid your delivery + personal development Bonus: Remote-friendly (2.5h) version available free with this purchase!

Workshop Learning Objectives By the end of the workshop individuals will be able to:

● Know the difference between coaching, mentoring and training
● Contract with individuals to ensure a meaningful + impactful coaching relationship
● Apply the OSCAR coaching model and how to use it to positively drive performance
● Use coaching as an informal tool to aid one-to-ones, decision making and problem solving
● Coach your team and others! (You’ll receive live coaching during the session!).

More info on Alison Jones Coaching:

We’re on a mission to equip businesses with the tools to create incredible (+ super high performing) places to work.

We partner with Founders, CEOs and Management teams through practical and experiential Leadership + Management programmes, workshops and Executive Coaching.

We take great Managers+ Founders and transform them into inspirational leaders that can build and nurture high-performing (and happy!) teams. We’ve seen first-hand that the crucial difference between a failing or a thriving company lies in it’s people – with that in mind, we’re here to strip back the politics, bureaucracy and noise so you can focus on the activities that add value and drive performance.

We’re not your traditional leadership consultancy or management training company. We think out of the box, we’re creative + whilst we take our work seriously, we like to have fun.