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Bereavement – Support with Practical and Financial Matters Mini Course


30 Minute Course

This mini-course provides you with your own one-stop resource for quick & easy access to useful phone numbers and websites.

During grief, we can only cope with so much as our mind is consumed with processing the loss, so we need to find ways to get all the support we can get and make all the practical tasks just a bit easier in those early weeks

The course covers:

  • Planning the funeral – checking for a funeral plan, average cost of a funeral and how to save money on it, setting a funeral budget and negotiating prices, how to access extra funds if on a low-income
  • Dealing with the will – how to check if a will exists, accessing probate and gaining control of all financial aspects of the remaining estate, dealing with any inheritance tax
  • Managing finances – how to access all financial bereavement support that may be available to you, negotiating lower payments with utilities and financial institutions, how to approach mortgage lenders or rental tenancies and find out about extra financial payments that could support you
  • Coping with debts – understand secured/unsecured debts and joint/single debts and a step-by-step process of how to prioritise debts, dealing with creditors and negotiating lower payments where possible and/or writing off smaller debts

Price – £12.50 plus VAT  for 30-minute course


More info on Business Owner – Julia Sinclair-Brown

Julia Sinclair-Brown is a qualified counsellor, coach and trainer.  She has combined her personal and professional experience of grief to coach those who are bereaved and wanting support with finding a way forward in life again.  She has produced two online courses in her Life after Loss series, has written articles for magazines, and features monthly on Black Cat radio (a Cambridgeshire station) discussing a range of wellbeing topics.  With an earlier background in HR, she is keen to work with organisations to improve the understanding of the impact of bereavement in the workplace as part of a broader mental health and wellbeing strategy.