NESE HR Consultancy Ltd

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Franco Trapanese
Managing Director

With over 20 years’ experience, we have worked across a number of sectors, supporting and advising a variety of companies across multiple industries. From the likes of retail to hospitality, manufacturing, consultancy, education, technology, charity and wealth management. Our diverse portfolio means we can adapt our HR support to suit any client, without compromising on passion and professionalism.

Our passion goes above and beyond simply supporting businesses with their HR agenda and people management strategy. We strive to add value to the lives of our clients and their company. From start-up businesses to fast-growing teams, we work with companies of every shape and size, and relish the challenge of any industry within the private sector

We are big believers in getting to know our clients. We want to hear their story, their mission, goals and objectives, as well as their challenges, business culture and current strategy. We are committed to delivering a number of solutions and recommendations, empowering clients to confidently make their own decisions.

Whether you are a start-up business looking at building your Human Resources function, a small/medium company seeking advice or a large organisation with a complex case, the team at NESE HR is here for you.

All of our services are tailored around your needs, with our experts at NESE committed to providing you with a Human Resources package to suit the individual requirements of each client.

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