HRi Accreditation Standards

Anyone can set themselves up as an HR consultant. They don’t need the right qualifications or any kind of certification. This means there are well-meaning practitioners out there, often giving incorrect advice, which is very damaging to both businesses and the wider profession. All HRi Accredited members commit to following our accreditation standards.


Suitability: Qualified, Experienced & Competent Practitioners

All accredited HR Independent Practitioners must demonstrate appropriate standards of suitability and professionalism in all their practices, meeting the required levels of qualifications (or Qualified by Experience, QBE), experience and competency, with a commitment to continuous development. To protect the interests of clients and individual practices, all HRi accredited members must strictly adhere to, and be able to demonstrate adherence to the HRi Code of Professional Conduct.


Structure & Running of Practice

Accredited members must ensure their Consultancy practice is properly set up and run professionally and ethically to ensure that clients, associates and other professionals have an exemplary experience when working with them. To protect the interests of both clients and the individual practice, HRi Accredited members must adhere to firm principles of financial and risk management in all their business operations. Accredited members must demonstrate strong internal controls and governance, as well as adherence to financial and risk management best practice as per the HRi Structure and Running Practice Standards.


Information and Data Management

Accredited members must take the necessary steps to ensure that information and data entrusted to them and their practices are protected at all times. This includes all electronic data and hard copies. Accredited members must follow best practice and comply with all legal requirements in relation to information and data protection. Accredited members must demonstrate compliance with the HRi Information and Data Management Standards.


Project, Information Systems and Case Management

Accredited members must adhere to best practice standards of project, record and case management procedures to ensure client work is documented, reviewed and managed appropriately, in line with the HRi Information and Data Management Standards. Appropriate systems and procedures must be utilised to ensure the highest level of service and delivery is provided to clients on time and within an agreed budget, fee or retainer.


HRi Accreditation Levels



For professionals engaged in roles related to HR administration or business administration with a relevant field or specialism. We recognise qualifications at Level 3 or equivalent professional experience as evidence of your commitment to excellence. Bronze accreditation is designed for those who work competently at an operational and transactional level, effectively supporting HR or People professionals and small business owners with day-to-day HR or business administration challenges and caseload. Typical roles for Bronze Accreditation include HR Administrators, HR Assistants, Virtual Assistants, and Business Administrators. Additionally, your business should be established and managed with a professional approach.

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For HR, People, or business professionals with a relevant field or specialism, holding a Level 5 qualification or equivalent professional experience. Your work should involve effectively handling day-to-day HR or business administration challenges and caseloads at an operational and transactional level. Silver Accreditation also requires you to showcase evidence of your contributions to more complex casework or projects, as well as your ability to engage in business planning and display strategic thinking. Typical roles for Silver Accreditation include HR Managers, HR Advisors, Senior HR Advisors, Coaches, Mentors, or newly qualified or appointed HR or People professionals embarking on their consultancy business journey as independent Consultants or Associate Consultants.

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For HR, People, or business professionals with a relevant field or specialism, holding a Level 7 qualification or equivalent professional experience. Your work should encompass both operational and strategic aspects, including experience in collaborating with business leaders to review data and metrics, implementing people and business initiatives, and resolving day-to-day and complex HR and people issues. You should have a deep understanding of the importance of aligning business goals and objectives with people management and development strategies to make informed decisions. Your business has a robust business plan. Its business adheres to firm principles of financial and risk management in all its business operations.

Typical roles for Gold Accreditation include Senior HR Managers, Heads of HR, HR Directors, Assistant Directors, Deputy Directors, or independent professionals serving as standalone consultants, interim consultants, or Executive Coaches.

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Recognising strategic excellence in independent HR and People professionals.

For HR or People professionals with a relevant field or specialism, holding a Level 7 qualification or equivalent professional experience. Your expertise should extend beyond the norm, encompassing strategic contributions to inform operational delivery, leading change management initiatives, and providing expert knowledge and guidance. You excel in offering innovative solutions to challenging and complex HR and People issues, as well as facilitating the growth and development of individuals and teams.

Typically, Platinum Accreditation is reserved for independent, commercially-focused HR or People Consultants who operate well-structured consultancy businesses with the necessary support and resources to serve multiple clients. These businesses uphold firm principles of financial and risk management across all their operations.

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Four Pillars of HRi Standards

We believe in celebrating your commitment to excellence and staying at the forefront of HR and People Management knowledge and expertise. That's why we offer an accreditation program, built on HRi Professional Standards, that recognises your pursuit of the highest standards across four essential pillars. Designed to evaluate both your expert knowledge and the business acumen that powers your consultancy. You will stand out to your clients and prospective clients and can display your digital accreditation badge with pride.

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HRi Accredited Consultants Directory

As an HRi Accredited Member with a complete profile, you gain the exclusive privilege of being featured in our prestigious HRi Accredited Consultants Directory. It’s a platform where your expertise and services can shine making it easier for businesses to discover you and connect with the very best independent HR and People consultants. Being part of the HRi Accredited Consultants Directory, you not only enhance your visibility but also become a trusted resource for businesses in search of HR and People solutions.

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Success Together

Our mission is clear: to support you in your dual role as a business person and an HR and People expert, all under the umbrella of your HRi membership. We recognise that your path as an independent consultant is a dynamic blend of being an expert and navigating the intricate world of being a business owner. That’s where our membership comes in.

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